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Miniature Sheepadoodle

Breed History

The Miniature Sheepadoodle is a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Miniature Poodle. This breed is similar to a standard Sheepadoodle except that the Poodle used in the breeding process is a Miniature Poodle. The Old English Sheepdog is a caring, smart, alert, and loving dog. They have a good personality and are pleasurable to be around. The Miniature Poodle was developed for hunting waterfowl and originated in Germany. They make a fantastic family dog whose popularity continues to grow.


Personality and Temperament

The Miniature Sheepadoodle’s personality is kind and gentle. This breed has a very balanced temperament and is easy to get along with. They adapt well to children in the household and other pets. This breed is very desired, and much thanks to its demeanor, does well in families of all dynamics.


Appearance and Grooming

Sheepadoodles greatly vary in color, but all share a very luxurious coat. The most common-colored coats can be found in white, black, white, grey, and brindle. Many would describe this breed to resemble a Panda Bear. Keeping this dog’s coat looking its best will require daily brushing with a pin brush. This will prevent tangles from forming. A slicker brush is also an excellent way to keep his coat neat and tidy. A bi-weekly bath and nail clipping of your Mini Sheepadoodle will help make him shine.


Care and Feeding

A good step in caring for this breed is making sure his teeth are brushed regularly. A minimum of three times every week is a great way to help assure his health. Routine nail clipping is also important as this will not only allow him to look better but feel better. Miniature Sheepadoodle puppies should be fed three times a day to give them the nutrition they need to grow. The exact amount you feed your Mini Sheepadoodle will depend on their weight, age, and activity level.


Breed Size and Life Expectancy


Interesting Breed Facts


Fact: This breed is known for its inquisitive mind and loves to explore.

Fact: They were used in the United States Army in the 1960s.

Fact: This breed is known for its gentle yet protective traits.

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